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Riverview Church


Welcome to Riverview Church! Located in the heart of Novelty, Ohio, we are a Bible-focused, non-denominational fellowship that loves Jesus and the world he came to redeem. Because we’ve been transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit, we exist to glorify God by developing mature followers of Jesus Christ through the power of his Word.
Our passion is connecting with God and connecting with people—and we’d love to connect with you! As a church with many young families, we welcome your little ones to our nursery and children's ministries. Join us on Sundays as we worship our glorious Savior.
Worship, 10:30am

We are located on Chillicothe Road (Ohio Route 306), just south of Fairmount Road in Novelty (Russell Township), Ohio.


I AM - Jesus in the Present Tense

Who is Jesus? This is one of the most important questions you could ever ask.

It's important because if Jesus is indeed the Son of God
the divine Savior, risen King, and coming Judgewho grants an eternal life to all who follow him, and issues eternal condemnation to all who reject himthen one's eternal destiny depends on whether they rightly understand his nature and mission.

Today, there are many opinions about Jesus' identity. Some believe that he was a social revolutionary who fought for the rights of the poor and downtrodden. Others believe that he was an exemplary moral example. Still others might think he was a little crazy. Who is Jesus to you? Who do you say that he is?

Yet, what we think or say about Jesus is not nearly as important to his true identity as what he actually said about himself. The Gospel of John records a series of statements that Jesus made concerning his own identity, each one revealing another facet of his divine character. Remarkably, he articulates them in a manner that inexplicably links himself to the God of Israel. We know them as the I Am statements of Christ, and they illustrate that Jesus is the Great I AM who offers us a satisfying spiritual life in the present tense.

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Join our Centershot archery program for 3rd12th graders! This fun program is open to the community and we welcome your participation as we learn to “make Christ the target of our lives!” Learn more.

Small Groups

At Riverview, we love the intimacy, edification, and growth that are born of our small group relationships. Each week, our small groups meet to enjoy fellowship around the Word as we dive deeper into Sunday’s sermon to experience its riches for everyday living. Come and be encouraged!

The Story

Imagine if all of history was one big, universal story… and you’ve got a part to play in it. Find out what it’s all about and where your life fits in the bigger picture with The Story!